Officially Launched the Production of the NEVS 9-3 in Tianjin!

Evergrande Tianjin production base assembly workshopNEVS 93 - Evergrande Tianjin production base assembly workshop

On Saturday, June 29, an official Launching ceremony of production Vehicle NEVS 93 was held at NEVS’s Tianjin factory. As reported by the Chinese media, this festive gathering was attended by a large number of local officials and representatives of Evergrande and NEVS; Secretary of Tianjin High-tech Zone Working Committee Shan Zefeng, Vice Chairman and President of Evergrande Group Xia Haijun, Vice Chairman of Evergrande Group and Chairman of Evergrande New Energy Automobile Group Jiang Dalong, Chairman of Sweden Koenigsegg Christian von Koenigsegg, Stefan Tilk – President of NEVS, Sweden, Yu Yong – Chairman of Hegang Group, Shawn, President of Evergrande New Energy Automotive Group, Steven Hsieh, CEO of Dutch e-Traction, Peter van der Wal, Chief Technology Officer, Kwok Yin Chan, CEO of Protean, UK Leading guests such as President Andrew Whitehead and Chief Technology Officer Chris Hilton attended the event.

Evergrande NEVS production line

as already known, NEVS 93 is a pure electric vehicle based on the Saab (SAAB) Phoenix E platform and Saab technology. Before the arrival of Evergrande, NEVS has completed the research and development of this model. The launch of mass production of the NEVS 93 model is a milestone – marking the ability to produce large quantities of production not only in Trollhättan, Sweden, but also in Evergrande’s domestic production lines. With the mass production of the NEVS 93 model in Tianjin production base, the construction and production of Evergrande’s production bases in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenyang will also be accelerated, and new products of Evergrande will be launched soon.

The new car is based on the Saab Phoenix E platform and will come in five different models powered by Contemporary Amperex Technology batteries – the classic, commemorative, regular, practical and economic — each with a 130 kilowatt motor providing 280 Newton-meters of torque to max out at 140 kilometers per hour. The cheapest will sell from CNY169,800 ($24,700) after subsidies.

NEVS 93 Production Line

The mass production of NEVS 93 in Tianjin production base is the epitome of Evergrande’s rapid advancement in the field of new energy vehicles. Since entering the green energy automobile industry at the beginning of this year, Evergrande has built a whole industrial chain covering the whole vehicle R&D and manufacturing, power battery and motor electric control.

By this act, this company has entered a new stage, and it has taken a solid step toward the goal of “becoming the world’s largest and most powerful new energy vehicle group in 3-5 years”.



  • great news ! but the Phoenix was the name of the fantastic Saab show car! never made not a 4 door sedan!

  • Congratulations! It is a beautiful car!
    I have 2 of 9.3 2.2 Tid , they are 15 years old and both of them has died the Bosch-dosierer with 2 stecker 😭, and you can’t repair them! 😠😢😢

  • What actually means “Phoenix E platform”?

    9 th May 2017 Saabplanet published news: “New NEVS 9-3 Will Be Unveiled On June 7 at the CES Asia”
    There was mentioned: “…Of course, Nevs’s first electric car is based on old Saab 9-3 platform and accordin to the latest spy shots show that NEVS 9-3 didn’t change much to the original Saab 9-3 and NEVS 9-3 prototype design….”

    It is a bit unclear to me what has changed with platform since 2017? Is it only The name or is there some real updates during last two years?

  • I live in Croatia and have been driving the Saab car brand for 23 years. I currently have three saabs, a Saab 95 2.2 tid in 2003, a saab 93 1.9 tid in 2006 and 95 NG 2010 1.9 tid4. I was in shock when the production of the saab car was shut down. I support you to start re-production (now it’s NEVS), because I hope the quality of NEVS will be just like Saab. I also hope that you will soon start production on the saab 95 NG platform and layout.
    Ivica Bišćan.

  • Just plain bullshit from NEVS! We read about this production starting like twice a year but no cars show up! How many cars have they built now after nine months? And how many have they sold?

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