Novi Sad Auto Show: Great discount for Saab

With every purchase of car SAAB paid extended warranty to three years , regardless of how many miles a vehicle pass . For the ” 9-3 ” customers to receive gift packages Nordik (worth € 4,000 ) .saab novi sad

Discount for Škoda vehicles is 5-14 percent, depending on the model , and there is also a further reduction in the action entitled ” 6 in 1 ” . Action refers to the purchase of vehicles through ” Hypo annuity ” means repayment to 48 months , but can be arranged differently . Guarantee deposit is 25 percent, which is returned to the customer after the expiration of funding. In addition , the special benefits include: warranty for four years or 120,000 km, free maintenance up to 120,000 miles flown , comprehensive insurance included in the war , a free set of winter tires .


” Hypo rent” give an additional discount of 200 Euros per vehicle and the possibility of replacing the ” old for new ” .
For models of ” ego” and ” Amulet ” Chinese manufacturers Cherry, fairs reduction amounts to 500 euros , while the models ‘ tengo hatchback ” and ” tengo sedan ” discount of 1,000 euros.

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