‘Nothing On Earth Comes Close’ – Tony Scott’s film for Saab

Because of this Saab ad Tony Scott (1944–2012) was hired to direct “Top Gun“. Producers Bruckheimer and Simpson wanted an awesome visual director for their film. When they saw this ad, they found the right man for the job and the rest was history.

Look at the video at 0:16. There you see a unice stretced Saab 900CD “Corps Diplomatique” built in the Finish, Valmet Factory in Nystad in 502 ex between 1981 to 1986.

Look at the stretced wheelbase, and compare it whit the ” regular Saab 900″.

The Saab 900CD was the following production from the Saab Finlandia wich were orderd in a NOT serial number. The Saab Finlandia started whit it´s base on the Saab 99 CC GLE in 1976.

Top Gun became one of the highest-grossing films of 1986, pulling in more than $176 million and making a star of its young lead, Tom Cruise. 

Interesting, Tony Scott spent final days researching Top Gun 2 with Tom Cruise. Also, British artist Auburn Hodgson recently made a tribute to this video creation, so watch this same video but in 3D low-poly version.

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