SAAB Funny

Nothing can break a Saab window!


Saab Windows: The Strongest Material On Earth :)

In recent times, several viral video footage appeared showing how it’s impossible to break windows on Saab cars.

However, of course the windows can be broken, but impacts similar to that for a reason (ever heard of hail) but are also designed to “shatter” when force is applied in a concentrated area (ie: with the sharp ends of a seat’s head rest) flip the hammer around to the claw and it will shatter at a child’s touch. All car windows are like that

All you need is something sharp to break the surface of the glass and it will shatter. A hammer won’t do it because it can’t break the surface due to being flat.

In any case, these are fun videos. Saab, the Nokia among cars :)


  • The window in a 2000 9-3 hatchback was really strong some punk kid threw a big as rock as I drove by it was loud when it hit I had 2 15 inch subs beating in my trunk heard the big thump over speakers and not even a crack the rock just bounced off any other car would have broke

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