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96&95-Posten, the new Special Edition of 9-Posten with articles only about Saab 95&96 (M60-M80), is soon available in the webshop.96&95-Posten, the new Special Edition of 9-Posten with articles only about Saab 95&96 (M60-M80), is soon available in the webshop.

Saabklubben Gammalsaabens Venner (GSV), or or translated from Norwegian, “the Club of Friends of Old Saab Cars”, was founded in 1977, the focus was only on two-strokes, at that time. Gradually, the focus was expanded to all Saab cars, ie also all 95/96 and Sonett, as well as the first Saab 99. Today, after almost 45 years, the club is open to anyone with a heart and interest in Saab, no matter what model year it is.

Since its founding, the club has been constantly working and maintaining regular activities, from gatherings and conferences to exhibitions and rallies. Just at the end of May, the club held regular elections for the club’s management. Torill Sannes Hanøy re-elected as leader of Saabklubben Gammalsaabens Venner at the digital annual meeting on 26 May. Treasurer Håvard Kvernelv and parts warehouse manager Arne Uno Leirset were also re-elected. The annual report, accounts and budget were adopted without debate, and they take this as a sign that the association is run well, and that the members are satisfied.

Under the item election, the nomination committee, despite hard work, had no candidate for editor of the member magazine “9-Posten“. Outgoing editor Kjetil Urheim has helped GSV with No. 4 2020 and the first two releases in 2021. The board and the nomination committee were authorized by the annual meeting to continue working on finding an editor of “9-Posten” magazine.

The membership fee for 2022 remained unchanged at NOK 400 per member, and the national meeting for 2022 was reaffirmed. After two cancellations, the management and members sincerely hope that this meeting will still take place. Torill thanked Bård Austad for the work and commitment he has shown as a board member after the sitting editor resigned from the board in the autumn of 2020. And Trond Fjeldberg who after many years as auditor was replaced at the annual meeting.  Jonny Berger will continue as a deputy member of the board and a new deputy member is Aslak Wegge. The new auditor is Morten Kjetlien.

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