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Norwegian National Gathering 2019 – Gammalsaabens Venner (GSV)

Saabklubben Gammalsaabens Venner

Gammalsaabens Venner (GSV) is the Norwegian club for everyone with heart and interest in Saab – regardless of model and vintage – from Saab 92 from 1950 to the last 9-5 from 2012. When the club was founded in 1977, the focus was only on the very oldest two-stroke Saab cars.

Eventually, the club was expanded to all Saab with freewheel, ie all Saab 95/96 and Sonett, as well as the first Saab 99. Then came a period where Saab older than 21 years was in focus  by the club, so that also 900 and 9000 were club- cars, before they decided – a few years ago, to embrace all Saab.

They also have many members with technical insights who are willing to help others, so that they keep the old “zaps” on the road. In addition to focusing on Saab spare parts, club memebers have also placed considerable emphasis on social component. As a former chairman, it said, “The Saabs are not the reason we meet, but an excuse to meet!” GSV mainly arranges two meetings a year: the summer hit and the Winter Meeting. In addition, many local meetings are arranged around the country under the auspices of GSV’s local departments.

GSV publishes the member magazine “9-Posten“, which comes out four times a year. The 9-Posten is 64 pages and contains lots of Saab-related material about meetings, restoration, Saab-historical material, member profiles, etc. The magazine is in four colors and is Norway’s only Saab magazine.

Their largest Saab excursion was when GSV arranged a jubilee trip in 1997 – “Saab 50 years on the road” – from Oslo and Bergen “directly” to Trollhättan – but VIA Nordkapp! They are just preparing for their next big gathering – called “Påmelding landstreff 2019“. This Year, The National Norvegian Saab gathering will be organized from 7 to 9 June in Kristiansund, Norway.