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Saab 900GTR has been upgraded to 515bhp!

Saab 900GTR 2.3T

Robert Uhr‘s hot Saab 900GTR  gets a bit more power and nicer trim for 2017, just to make us love it more.

The changes aren’t but the car with new settings has switched over 500bhp: its 2.3-litre turbo petrol engine is upgraded from 480 to 515bhp, enough to shave a couple of tenths off the 100-200km/h time, which now stands at 6.4 seconds – Which is faster than a large number of supercars, and its maximum speed is over 300 km!

A few of performance figures, acceleration times by Gtech ProSS:

  • 80 – 120 km/h > 2.0 sec (50 / 75mph)
  • 100 – 150 km/h > 2.4 sec (60 / 93mph)
  • 100 – 180 km/h > 5.3 sec (60 / 112mph)
  • 100 – 200 km/h > 6.4 sec (60 / 125mph)
Saab 900GTR
Saab 900GTR

Robert and his Nordic Dalarnateam are behind the project of Saab 900 2.3T GTR with the new shape for 2017, now with custom modified TD04 20T 7#.

Also, gearbox is Regular 5-speed manual with 9-5/9-3 Viggen Sellholm LSD and Viggen joints and shafts. New dyno pulled out 515hp-780nm on full boost 1.8 bar. New custom Front splitters were added to reduce air flow under the car and in front of the wheels, thus creating down force.

Video of our updated Saab 900GTR 500hp+:

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