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Saab sign going into Museum! – NEVS Honors Memory of Heritage with Photo Challenge

Saab sign in StallbackaSaab sign in Stallbacka

NEVS’ vision is to shape mobility for a more sustainable future. With their heritage at heart, they are currently in the process of developing new products and services based on the need of more sustainable transportation solutions. In doing so, they are also updating their corporate identity, starting with the launch of NEVS new corporate profile earlier this year.

UPDATE: Good old SAAB Sign has not been taken down today – It will be up until the 8th December so anyone who would like to take additional photos will have that possibility until then. At the 8th December at 14.00 o’clock we will take it down and hand it over to the Saab car museum in Trollhättan!

As they are now mounting their new NEVS signs on theirpremises, NEVS have decided to donate the most famous and photographed Saab sign in Stallbacka to the Saab car museum in Trollhättan for public display.

The handover of the sign to the museum will take place Thursday 8thDecember at 14.00 o’clock at the location of the sign at the North gate and the public is welcome to attend.


To pay tribute to the history, they are today launching a campaign where NEVS encourage people to upload and hashtag pictures on Instagram, together with this famous Saab sign. The campaign will end November 30th and among the entries a winner will be drawn, who will receive a framed photo collage of all the uploaded images.

  1. To participate with one or several of your images of the Saab sign at the north gate Stallbacka
  2. Follow @nevsofficial on Instagram.
  3. Upload your photos on your Instagram account and use the hashtag #SignMemoriesByNEVS
  4. Don’t forget to make your Instagram account public until the competition ends so that NEVS representatives can see your photos.

Unfortunately, today we received a sad news from Trollhättan – worldwide the familiar Saab sign is removed –  you can see the image taken this morning in Trollhättan :

No more SAAB Sign in Trollhatten
No more SAAB Sign, in Trollhatten this morning

This pictire was taken by Dominic Ebefors ‎from Trollhättan… Precisely because of this – the NEVS company launched this Photo Challenge.

…and this is how it used to look like…