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No major injuries in head-on crash in Poland

Saab in head-on crash

Head-On Accidents are the most violent types of collisions because the combination of two speeding cars creates incredible force. Not surprisingly, frontal crashes results in a large number of fatalities. Luckily, in a head-on crash that happened early this morning on the DK44 regional road in Spytkowice, in the Wadowice Polish region, was not seriously injured.

Thanks to the camera mounted in the truck cab, we can witness this car accident.  As you can see in the video, two trucks were in convoy but with insufficient distance. The obligatory distance between vehicles differs from country to country. In the Netherlands it is written in the law as a ‘safe distance’, but in other countries the distance is ’50 metres’ or ‘2 seconds’…

Anyway, this convoy of two vehicles illegally overtook by multiple vehicles. Apparently, the traffic accident was caused by a Saab driver overtaking a truck convoy, in an illicit spot. In a direct frontal collision, a Saab driver ran into the vehicle from the opposite direction.

According to the preliminary findings of the police, the driver of one of the vehicles during an overtaking maneuver collided with another vehicle. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries in the car accident, but A head-on crash sent two injured people  to the hospital. You should exercise caution whenever overtaking, especially if you’re hoping to overtake more than one car at a time.

The Saab driver behaved very irresponsibly in traffic and the consequences could be fatal. Video is a great warning because you can see what can happen if you don’t follow the rules and laws.

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