My Saab

Nikolai had owned 30 different Saabs!

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According to Nicolai Krag-Nielsen, these Swedish vehicles cars have no competition and cannot be compared to any other car brand. His love for Saab cars started very early, and since then, Nicolai Krag-Nielsen has owned up to 30 cars of the Saab brand.

When he was in high school, he had a friend whose father was a doctor. Nicolai and his friend were often allowed to drive it until one day they needed an expensive repair. So expensive that you could buy a brand new car for the price. However, the doctor paid for the restoration without hesitation, and it moved something in Nicolai. These cars had to be something special.

In time, he was seriously bitten by the Swedish art piece, and he ended by saying goodbye to the child savings when he was to have his first car so he could afford a Saab. – “Their cars are an example of combining practicality and aesthetics. They have an iconic form that just triggers something”, says Nicolai Krag-Nielsen for danish Stiften magazine, who is today 43, married to Maria and lives in southern Odder (Town in Denmark).

Nikolai's Saab 900 T16 Aero 175hp
Nikolai’s Saab 900 T16 Aero 175hp

At present, he is most attached to one Saab 900 – It has now 26 years on the back, but according to Nicolai Krag-Nielsen, it is still running better than most other cars. Then he must live with the car occasionally demanding a visit to a specialist mechanic in Sweden when a problem arises that he cannot make himself.

“I’ve been looking a lot, but I just haven’t found the car that can do the same. There is no alternative. So I have to keep the disc. There’s nothing else to do. I’m ready to go all the way.” – You will admit, this is another, great, classic  Saab Story.

Since then he has owned up to 30 different Saabs and over time has built up a thorough knowledge of the composition of the cars. Therefore, he himself can disassemble them and install new parts.