Night Panel

1993 Saab implemented Night Panel. The Saab Night Panel, formerly known as the Saab Black Panel as depicted above in the 2005 Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan television advertisement for the U.S. market, is a notable Saab innovation derived from the aeronatics industry.
The Saab Black Panel was first developed in 1993 and first introduced into the New Generation Saab 900 (NG900) which continued until 1998 until that model ended.

Beginning in 1999 the name was changed to “Saab Night Panel” for more clarity. The Saab Night Panel was implemented in the 1999 9-3 as well as the 9-5 and continues to be integrated into both the Saab 9-3 as well as the 9-5 today.

The Saab Night panel as illustrated how the night panel after it has been switched on.

night panel

How Saab Automobile AB describes the Saab Night Panel function:

This function blacks out the instrument panel, apart from the speedometer. This reduces the risk of distraction while driving at night. All the systems still work in the background and the appropriate guage or lamp will light up when the driver’s attention is required. A good example of our aircraft heritage.

Which one is your favourite Saab feature?

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  • SAAB implemented this in the 1970s … my old 1983 model has this feature, but the dimming knob had to be completely turned to the left for the dash lights to be completely dimmed … the 1993 reference … not so accurate ..

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