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Newly developed Maptun XT-SERIES Coilover Kit for Saab XWD cars

Maptun Coilover XWD kit for Saab 9-3

Great Product news from Maptun – Through a co-operation with the Swedish spring manufacturer Lesjöfors AB, a special rear spring has been manufactured to maintain the XWD system drive features. Maptun presents a newly developed, well-functioning coilover kit for Saab 9-3 XWD.

The Saab 9-3 XWD cars is equipped with a self-propelled shock absorber system that keeps the level at the back unchanged regardless of load or weight. Unfortunately, this system is complex and proved to be of quite poor quality with leaky shock absorbers as a result, they are also very expensive. The self-leveling system is also not compatible with lowering springs, since the vehicle then loses it´s characteristics.

Maptun Saab Coilover kit

New Coilover Kit from maptun is designed to work for normal driving as well as tougher driving on track days, with a lower chassis height on the car than standard and adjustable stiffness of the shocks to match your driving style or preference.

Due to the standard damper’s lack of quality, the height of a 9-3 XWD can vary greatly, this will of course affect how much your car can be lowered. A Coilover Kit has not self-leveling features which means that the car will be able to pump up the height during heavy load as the standard dampers, but will instead get lower.

Saab XWD Coilover kit

On an XWD there are several important aspects to take into account when modifying the rear end, one of these is that the springs will not be able to get out of position in the lowest settings.

The possible lowering measurements is 1,5cm to 7,5cm on the rear end and 0cm to 8 cm on the front. Will fit to All XWD models Saab 9-3 2008- and price is € 793,18.