New Safari Coffee Mugs in the Saab Car Museum Shop

In the Saab Car museum shop you can find a bunch of interesting Saab things. Here you can buy Saab books, movies, model cars and much more connected to Saab’shistory. The Webshop is run by the Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan and in conjunction with the museum’s exhibition they also have a shop with a similar range.

Today Saab Car Museum announced new products that they offer via Shop – New coffee mugs  Inspired by Safari – 64!

Safari blend coffee and mugs
Coffee Mugs are placed on the famous car Saab V4 – 1970 used in the “Baja 1000” in Mexico. Erik Carlsson at the steering werl and Torsten Åman at the map.

Saab and Erik Carlsson (“on the roof”) have a history of turning conventional ideas upside down. Like when they rolled their Saab 96 in The Safari Rally to get out of a mudhole. To celebrate passion for the eccentric Saab Car Museum have developed this Safari Blend, with coffee from farmers in Kenya.

28 Safari Blend
28 Safari Blend

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