New Saab Branded Watch

New Saab Watch

On several occasions we have already written about branded Saab Watches, let’s just remember SAAB TURBO WRIST Watch or Saab Chronometer Watch by Maurice de Mauriac, and we have a more modern version – Saab Watch Faces for Smart Watches.

On this subject, here’s a beautiful exclusive news. Thanks to one Saab enthusiast Marc Staus, we found out that this new beautiful Saab Watch can be purchased at the Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan. According to him, the product is very new, so this Saab Lifestyle product can not yet be seen on the webshop of the museum.

Saab Watch

For now we do not have much information about this watch, nor who is the manufacturer.  The watch is of a simple design and looks very elegant, and it is made in the RPM gauge style.

This has so far been unusual, since similar branded products are mostly used the Saab’s Turbo Gauge motif.

Saab Turbo x watch

For a couple of years, in the shop of this museum you could buy two Saab Watches: Saab Sport Watch 1965 and Saab Turbo X Watch. the first watch Sport Watch 1965 The dial represents the Speedometer from the Saab Sport 1965, and while the second watch is a simple black design witj Turbo X label.