New Saab Book: “Saab Celebration: Swedish Style Remembered” by Lance Cole

Saab Celebration by Lance Cole

Lance Cole is a world-renowned author, designer, journalist and photographer known for his articles, works and books in the fields of mechanical engineering, aviation and motoring. We already mentioned Lance on this blog four years ago when he published his new book dedicated to Saab cars. It was just one in a series of books (partially) dedicated to the history of Saab cars, in addition to a series of books whose direct topic was the Saab cars.

Thanks to his deep knowledge of the history of Saab and sincere interest and passion about Saab cars, he has been a successful author of several books about this Swedish brand. And no, he didn’t stop at just one book about Saab and the models of this brand, but Lance worked hard all the time, and he just put his new book dedicated to Saab cars on the shelves of bookstores, which he called “Saab Celebration: Swedish Style Remembered“.

In this new, richly illustrated book, In a collection of over 200 photographic images accompanied by a detailed but interesting commentary, the book brings a interesting informations of the Saab from the first to the last car. In the new book, Lance Cole gives a look at the famous Swedish brand, which is being completely shut down these days in his native Trollhattan.

To add to this, if there is any luck, maybe the parent company Saab AB will decide to produce cars again sometime in the future, maybe somewhere else. Until then, we are left with this book, to enjoy it and the details and stories from the glorious days that it brings to readers on as many as 160 pages.

Some readers will be attracted by this book with exceptional paintings, and many of them will surely be satisfied with only a short history and those numerous unpublished rarity paintings. But instead of just those pictures and short text, readers get an insight into the deeper history of Saab, as well as a real “love letter about a car” throughout the book. The book is fascinating, with excellent detail on the history of the car. This is definitely one that any Saab enthusiast will want, as well as most car lovers who lament the passing of brands into the past.