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New “Saab App” by Orio connects your phone with your car’s Computer system

Orio AB does not give up,  it continues to support the Saab brand and helps Saab car owners to keep their cars in excellent condition.

The new project they are working on is a special mobile application that can help Saab car owners.

Orio is currently developing a product that you will be able to connect to your car’s diagnostics socket!

With this product you will be able to see whats going on inside your SAAB in realtime, and predict if something is about to breake before it does. With SaabApp and OBD dongle, you get access to everything from load pressure and percentage E85 in the tank to advanced depth diagnosis of your Saab.

The beta signup is currently only accessible for cars in Sweden.

Signup on ths page to be notified when you can participate. Below you can see the presentation of this project by Peter Bäckström,

Also, see some other custom applications developed by the Saab owners themselves:

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Saab iPhone app


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