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New Saab 9000 Racing Project by Swedish Racing Developments

Saab 9000 SRD project carSaab 9000 SRD project car

Saab Tuning specialist Jimmy Bronwaller from Swedish Racing Developments (they are known for the project SAAB 9-5 SRD)  is currently working on a new project, based on the Saab 9000 2.3T from 1991.

For now, he could not have a lot to tell us about his project, but he sent us a sketch of the aerodynamic package for future racing Saab 9000. The basis of the project is the famous B234 engine with T5 ECU.

It is planned to be a race car, but aloso street legal.

Saab 9000cc SRD project airflow kit
Saab 9000cc SRD project airflow kit

As you can see in the sketch, the car will have a special big airflow kit, 18″ Wheels, then  355mm brakes at the front.  More info when the projekt is more on the way, stay tuned.

We will follow this interesting Saab project and soon expect from Jimmy new information.

More about their former project Saab 9-5:

SAAB 9-5 SRD (Swedish Racing Development) project car

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