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New Saab 9-3 Universal Cup Holder

Saab 9-3 The New Cup Holder for Smart Slot

Although the Saab factory ceased operations exactly 10 years ago (and the procedure lasted for ten years and was officially completed a month ago), proud Saab car owners around the world are continuing what Saab engineers interrupted. Just in the previous blog post, we mentioned the latest innovation created by a Saab guy from Idaho, related to Saab 9-5ng, and in this blog post we present the latest innovation from Saab enthusiasts from Taiwan.

A Saab enthusiast named Taiwan’s Zhang Baizhi is an innovative additional Cup Holder that can be easily and quickly installed in any Saab 9-3 MY from 2003 to 2011. Although there are two cup holders in the front seat level in the 9-3, sometimes you may need another one, so Zhang Baizhi decided to use the famous Smart Slot position on the center console, next to the ignition key, and on the opposite side of the manual lever brakes.

Saab 9-3  Smart Slot Cup Holder, view from above
Saab 9-3 Smart Slot Cup Holder, view from above

At the time, Saab intended this position for Smart Slot for additional accessories, which were sold as part of Saab’s Lifestyle program, and there were accessories such as an ice scraper, CD holder and in some places Saab dealers offered a cup holder.Simply put, It’s curved plastic piece to the right of the ignition switch that looks like the emergency brake handle, you pull the top cover off, and other things can be put in its place.

Thanks to his engineering knowledge, Zhang Baizhi created a new 9-3 assessor in 3D software that fits into the Smart slot position, and represents an added Cup holder and an additional key fob holder. It is basically an exquisite universal cup holder, 3D printed, hand polished and finished. Thanks to its brilliant workmanship, it actually acts as Saab’s official assessor.

Through drawing skills and 3D molding technology, the idle space next to the Saab co-pilot is improved, and the hands of the co-pilot are freed. With this extra, you will no longer have a problem with where to put the extra drink, and it is suitable for more than 90% of round cups on the market.

According to many 9-3 owners, the original telescopic cup holder is too light to hold beverages and is suitable for small cups of beverages. In addition to the cup for placing drinks, you can also place change, which is more lightweight and easy to take. Solve the broken telescopic cup holder or even save the high cost of cleaning the interior after the beverage is dropped.

The first three Saab Cup Holders have already been sold, order from the creator directly
The first three Saab Cup Holders have already been sold, order from the creator directly

For a start, Zhang Baizhi created 3 such sets for the market and offered them at a price of 2,750 Taiwan dollars, which is about 100 US dollars. Unfortunately for all those interested in this cute accessory, all three pieces sold out very quickly, but you can order them directly from the creator Zhang Baizhi.


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