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New Saab 9-3 Custom Bodykit

Saab 9-3 custom bodykit

Alpigettaut Autostyle s a small car-design house of Russia’s Rostov-on-Don, which they already have a lot of outstanding works, such as redesign of Chevrolet Camaro or Mazda 6 IIIgen.

They are now accepted a new challenge – redesign of Saab 9-3 front and read-end bumper. So far they’ve done a 3D model, and soon they will make a real fiberglass prototype.

Custom rear bumper for Saab 9-3
Custom rear bumper for Saab 9-3

We assume that this bumper-kit will be similar to a custom bodykit that has recently done by A-Z Performance. Certainly, the 3D model looks great, as you can see in 3D animation:


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