New projects in Saab Club Portugal

saab 9000 talladega

Our Portuguese friends have new interesting Saab news. Luís Marcos, memeber of supervisory board of Saab Club Portugal (SCPC – O Clube Português da marca SAAB) has sent us a new Saab story.

Dear Partners, Fans, Enthusiastic and Appreciating,
It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that we have seen in this way to make known two projects, carried out by Our Club; We feel obliged to divulge and make known to others the fruit of our work and effort, for we believe that everything that has been achieved until today would not have been possible without your help.

O Clube Português da marca SAAB

Therefore and as it was Our intention was acquired, repaired and characterized a freight car, so that we can transport all the traveling material and merchandising of the SCPC to automotive events, so that we can also have a Digna representation.
The other vehicle is obviously a replica, of the car that in 1986 broke records in the famous track of Talladega (USA).
We hope you enjoy and continue to support SCPC.

Saab club Portugal

Wait for news, as we have more projects to reveal soon.
No further
Thank you
By the SCPC Board