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New Nordic Tuning Dalarna Project: Saab 9-3SC Nordic V6R (350hp)

Saab 9-3SC 2.8T V6R Nordic St3Saab 9-3SC 2.8T V6R Nordic St3

This is a new project from the Nordic Tuning Dalarna workshop, backed by the famous Swedish tuner Robert Uhr.

The project is based on the classic Saab 9-3 SportCombi with all of us familiar 2.8 V6 engine, but with a large number changes in the engine and the engine compartment. Tuners this car labeled as a “Stage 3“, and only a part of the upgrade consists of new TD04-15T Turbo, 875cc injectors…

Take a look at the measurements of 9-3SC Saab Aero acceleration :

  • 60-100km/h: 2.4sek
  • 80-120km/h: 2.8sek
  • 100-150km/h: 4.5sek
  • 100-180km/h: 8.5sek
  • 100-200km/h: 11.8sek
9-3SC V6 2.8T project going Siemens 875cc injectors
9-3SC V6 2.8T project going Siemens 875cc injectors

Currently, on a chassis dynamometer this Sportcombi releases ~350 hp 590nm!  They plan to replace some other parts such as new lightened flywheel, clutch replacement etc. and they aim to 380 hp 600Nm.

Saab 9-3SC Nordic V6R E85 Burnout

In the next few videos you can see the features of this car:


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