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New Neo Brothers project – Wide Body Saab 96 sc

Saab 96 ss tuning projectSaab 96 ss tuning project

If you follow Saab tuning scene, you’ve probably already heard about the Neo Brothers Saab 96SC project.

Currently, they are already several months working on a new Wide Body Saab 96 sc project, and now they are entering the final phase. After work on the car body, it is time to integrate engine.

Saab 96 SC Neo Bros

This time, instead of B207, they have opted for the B204 It is a 9-3 LPT with 154 bhp. The 96sc will not be a race car (for a change) but rather, a comfortable, low key road legal cruiser. Although it will be an understated cruiser, under the bonnet, it will have a reliable stage 4, 280+ bhp (390 Nm) tune up.

So after a bit more tinkering the car has been fired up for the first time:

The engine is in place and the car starts, runs and drives! No more pushing it around the Neo Brothers workshop: