NEVS’s electric vehicle testing continues in Trollhättan

NEVS 9-3

It’s been awhile since we heard anything about NEVS 9-3 EV model. At the end of last year, several test model NEVS 9-3s, including a silver 9-3 EV sedan, were built at the automaker’s plant in NEVS Tianjin factory, China, ahead of a launch later this year, according to the new company owner and media reports

The installed annual product capacity is 50,000 electric vehicles in Phase I of the Project, and 220,000 is the plan for phase II. Also, NEVS plans to build second EV factory in China. On December 5, 2017, as the NEVS 9-3 electric rolls off the production line, NEVS Tianjin project kicks off production, marking a new stage moving from development into industrialization.

Today’s video from Trollhattan:

For a long time, employees of NEVS are testing the EV model (Winter tests in Arjeplog) based on old 9-3 platform, which according to the officials’ statements has 60 post new parts.

Today, NEVS has released new images where we see testing a new model on the test track in Trollhättan.