NEVS’s dream project with “China’s Uber” is interrupted

Didi Chuxing NEVS 9-3

NEVShas interrupted projects with electric cars for Didi– China’s Uber. Nevs has canceled their project – electric car D1 for the Chinese taxi service Didi Chuxing, writes Svenska Dagbladet.

The cooperation was announced on October 25 last year and then it was announced that Didi would invest $ 500 million, equivalent to just over SEK 4 billion, in Nevs company. In addition, Didi would also buy a large number of cars and secure the deposit from Nev’s factory during construction in China.

DiDi cars

But now it appears that the collaboration has been interrupted, explaining that other Chinese manufacturers have offered electric cars at a lower total cost. As a result, Nevs has chosen to continue around thier own car project – Sango, where Didi claims to be benevolent, but the Didi also claims it is not interested.

At the same time, NEVS officials did not want to comment – did they receive the promised $500 million from Didi. Last month,  according to the press releaseDidi announced they have signed a strategic cooperation agreement with BAIC Group to build new energy vehicles, which will be used to run a car rental business that Didi is preparing to launch in the first half of this year.

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