NEVS will manufacture the Sion (German Startup EV) in Trollhättan

the Sion solar car

If you have not already heard about the Sion, The Sion is the first mass-produced electric car (by Sono Motors GmbH) that can charge its battery using solar power, All that for €25,500 including the battery. And that isnost wholw news, The Sion will be manufactured by NEVS, in Trollhättan, Sweden. Climate-friendly, resource-saving and fair.

It took several meetings with several potential partners, negotiating every single detail of the Sion’s production. To meet customers expectations and to honor theri values and vision. Fulfilling these expectations, which are essential to them in Sono Motors, took longer than expected. That means, the first Sion will roll off the assembly line in the second half of 2020.

In Sono Motors, they are not happy about this delay but it wasn’t a hard decision to make. They have 10 months of delay securing an 8 year partnership that will make them keep their promises. But that doesn’t change the fact that they are very proud to announce their long term partnership with NEVS.

Already now, this company has 9792 Preorders for solar electric car. Just for now, The price will be minimum 26.000 Euro and at next year it could be 28.000 Euro. Sono motors plan to start production of the Sion in the second half of 2020 and then successively with delivery.

The most unique feature of the Sion’s design is the solar integration. The way they integrate the cells, is 100 percent unique. By using the power of the sun, they are using the full potential a car actually has.

If you are wondering, Works the Solar Cells during driving? If not, how long must the car standing in the sun bevor you can drive the 34km in Juli? The aim is to enable charging while driving. At the moment we cannot guarantee this feature. To reach the 34 km the Sion has to stand in the sun all day long.


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  • I am sorry, but I don’t believe that there will be any production of this car. They have a few million euros and want to develop a car from scratch in a year. They are searching for the engineers, around 20-25 are what they think is needed for the task:
    According to NEVS Sono Motors will finance the machinery and tooling needed for production start, not easy for a small crowdfunded start up.

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