NEVS wants to drive self-driving cars in Trollhättan!


The advancement of technology will likely eliminate the main culprit for traffic accidents – the human factor. When will autonomous cars be in full operation? It’s hard to predict. Available to the masses? Even harder. Yes, you read that right, and as the title says, NEVS wants to drive self-driving cars in Trollhättan. If the plans work, the first tests in Trollhättan will start in the near future.

Anger, sadness and worry swept over Trollhättan when General Motors made the closure announcement of Saab ten years ago. A gloomy picture of the future was painted for Trollhättan – but it was not so bad. Life is back in the old-new Saab factory and the Trollhattan operation is again full of engineers, developers and designers. An interesting project aimed at Trollhattan citizens was announced earlier this year – then the car sharing project was announced.

However, a few days ago NEVS announced an even more ambitious project – self-driving cars in Trollhättan streets. Self-driving vehicles should now be tested in Trollhättan. Electric car manufacturer NEVS plans to test a self-driving car within next six months. But already after New Year, another company will test its self-driving vehicle in Trollhättan –  the Chinese-owned engineering company T Engineering will test a self-driving minibus.


FYI, T Engineering was started in January 2012 by a group of dedicated engineers with wide experience from Saab Automobile and General Motors. Today the company consists of around 100 development engineers who design and develop control systems for all vehicle systems. Their expansion is made thru further recruitment of top experts from the automotive industry. Their head office is also located in Trollhättan in western Sweden, SAAB’s home town. Since 2014, T Engineering has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dongfeng Motor, one of China’s largest vehicle manufacturers.

According to these announcements, T Engineering starts the test after the New Year in the Innovatum area and later on, the vehicle will drive across town and the public should also be able to test the self-driving vehicle.