NEVS started presale in China!

NEVS 9-3

This week, NEVS started presale in China.

Here are some photos from our 6 days’ exhibition in Beijing.

NEVS will begin producing their first 9-3 electric vehicle, with the aim of having cars and mobility services built in and around them available to Chinese consumers in 2019.

China is their first market where NEVS will produce EV’s 2019. Following this, they will expand their geographical presence to Europe. NEVS factory in Tianjin is newly built and thes have produced the first cars.

They are now preparing for serial production and this week they got a license to manufacture EV from the ministry there.

In the Trollhättan factory, NEVS have produced bodies that have been shipped to Tianjin for assembly. Following this, the factory in Trollhättan will be used for global production.

how did this announce,  the price for a new car in China (pre-order) is 169,800 Chinese Yuans or around € 21,500 or ($ 24,553).


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