NEVS SHARE – NEVS launches test car sharing service in Stockholm

NEVS Share Application / Car SharingNEVS Share Application / Car Sharing

Just over a year ago, NEVS announced that it would soon launch a test car sharing service in Trollhattan. However, before the real testing of this service began, in real conditions, it took a whole year. In addition to these tests, self-driving car tests have been announced, and they have been successfully performed for several months.

These days, new news from Trollhattan is coming to us. Car company NEVS is rapidly developing its new car-sharing service to help anyone isolated by the corona virus. In the coming weeks, both car owners and those who want to use a car will be able to register for Nevs’ new service.

The society has reached a point where everyone must help each other and this car sharing service is a good example of that”, says Charlotte Eisner, who is Tribe Leader Brand Activation at NEVS. She added the following: “We are in a situation now that we have to help each other. This service can help those who are isolated, some can make money from their car and others can go shopping without having to sit on a bus or a subway,“.

Nevs has for a long time developed a whole new car sharing service. The plan was to release a major version to car owners and customers later this year. But because of the corona virus, when many people have become isolated in their homes, NEVS has accelerated to get the job done.

Already, a new service and mobile app are available for download from Google Play and the Apple App Store and customers will be able to start registering.

NEVS SHARE is a car sharing service that makes it easier to share the cars we already have on the roads today. As you have read, this is not about sharing new NEVS cars, but a service that enables car sharing already owned by end users of the service.

NEVS Share app

Car owners who want to join NEVS’s car sharing pool should contact the company to order the black box to be installed in the car. In this box, one of the car’s keys is placed and the box communicates with the app in the user’s phone.

Anyone who wants to use cars in NEVS car sharing pool can easily register in the app and start looking for available cars. The person using the car identifies with bank ID and debit bank card and both car and driver are insured. Anyone who uses the car even pays for fuel and any tolls, and everything is done in the app.

NEVS new car-sharing service will save virus-isolation

“We will start with a Beta version in Stockholm, which is most affected in Sweden, and will then improve the NEVS Share service in other regions as we go along. Already we have with all the necessary features for this to be safe and secure for both car owners and users. The app is very self-instructive.” With many people isolated in their homes due to the coronavirus, Charlotte Eisner sees many uses.

Older people who don’t want to go out can let someone rent the car and buy the necessary goods. People who do not want to travel on public transport for fear of the virus but do not own a car can in this way easily access a car.  If you are out of toilet paper in your local shop, it is easy to go a little further away to a larger store.

According to research, a car owned by a single owner stands unused 97 percent of the time and it can also be a way for a family to make some money from their car. We want as many people as possible to have access to a car,” says Charlotte Eisner for local Expressen newspaper.

To make sure that the car itself does not infect, NEVS must send cleaning (disinfection) agents to anyone who gets a black box to the car. According to the Swedish Public Health Agency, it is still unclear whether COVID-19 can spread in the event of so-called indirect contact infection, for example if an infected person has driven a car.

Before each subsequent user of the same vehicle, that vehicle must be disinfected, and and will provide the car owner with the necessary equipment,” says Charlotte Eisner. As early as the end of the summer, Nevs will show off its first self-driving electric cars to roll in traffic in Stockholm.

The car sharing service is the first piece of the puzzle in our new mobility ecosystem,” says Charlotte Eisner. Good for you, your neighbor and the environment!

NEVS SHARE service

Put your car to work – rent it out to others

Now you can make money on your car through the NEVS SHARE car-sharing service (for now, only If you live in Sokholm), while helping others travel safely and in a key-free way during these times.

After registering your car for hire, you can easily make it available for others to rent in the NEVS SHARE app. Anyone who wants to rent your car will book, unlock the car and pay via the app.

More information and contact information can be found on NEVS SHARE website:

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