NEVS – Production delayed again…

From Sveriges Radio:

The crisis for Saab-NEVS continues. Earliest in September can be built Saab cars in Trollhättan plant again. The owners Nevs lacks money and has once again postponed the restart of production. 

Nevs Communications Manager Mikael Östlund says negotiations to bring in new money continues.

Negotiations continue to do well and we will forward all the time, says Mikael Östlund echo

How urgent is it that you are clear in view of the economic problems?

– It is clear in the very strained situation we are in, it is important to be ready as soon as possible. But the important thing is that it’s fast but it will be as good as possible, says Mikael Östlund.

Saab owner Nevs negotiating with two Asian vehicle manufacturers, reportedly will be about Indian Mahindra and Chinese Dongfeng. But the negotiations drag on, and yet there is no agreement. Any timeframe for when everything will be finished has not, according to the company.

Since contracts are not clear prolongs automaker now stoppage of production in Trollhattan, and not earlier than the beginning of September, production may get going again.

– We can start production earlier than 37 weeks, says Mikael Östlund.

It was two years ago that Nevs bought large parts of Saab Automobile‘s bankruptcy and the situation now resembles the one that was in the summer of 2011., That was before Saab Automobile’s bankruptcy, and even then, the economic problems of major car manufacturer.

In December last year, started Nevs construction of cars in Trollhättan and about 400 cars could be built before production was stopped in May because there was no money to pay the subcontractors.

Around 600 people are now working at the company and many have gone on vacation while the future is uncertain for now. But employees need not be concerned that the negotiations should fail, says communications manager Mikael Östlund.

No, our goal is to make it good, he says.

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