NEVS Presents the EMILY GT Project at SLD2023

SLD 2023: Bridging Sustainability and Finance in the Automotive Industry – Unveiling the NEVS EMILY GT

Enthusiastic Attendees at SLD2023 Get a First Look at the NEVS EMILY GT PrototypeEnthusiastic Attendees at SLD2023 Get a First Look at the NEVS EMILY GT Prototype

A highlight of the event “SLD 2023 – How to finance the future” organized by FKG was the unveiling of the EMILY GT project by NEVS, which garnered significant attention and interest. The project represents a crucial step in the company’s journey to revitalize the SAAB legacy, showcasing the incorporation of strong SAAB genes into a cutting-edge prototype.

Frank Smit, Vice President of Vehicle Solutions at NEVS, passionately presented the project, expressing gratitude to the Scandinavian suppliers whose support was integral to the rapid realization of the functional prototypes that have recently been revealed.

EVS Unveils EMILY GT: A Glimpse into the Electric Future

The EMILY GT project holds a significant place in the history of NEVS, reflecting the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. Frank Smit emphasized the necessity of being open to various avenues in the pursuit of sustainability, acknowledging both the advantages and disadvantages of electric power and highlighting the importance of hybrid technology in the industry’s future. His message to Swedish suppliers resonated strongly, encouraging them to continue their collaboration with NEVS, emphasizing the company’s commitment to long-term partnerships and fair pricing.

Enthusiastic attendees from Scandinavian automotive supplier firms get a firsthand look at the NEVS EMILY GT prototype, generating excitement and anticipation at SLD2023.
Enthusiastic attendees from Scandinavian automotive supplier firms get a firsthand look at the NEVS EMILY GT prototype, generating excitement and anticipation at SLD2023.

The presentation of the EMILY GT project at SLD 2023 served as a testament to the automotive industry’s dedication to transformative and sustainable technology, promising an exciting future for environmentally conscious mobility solutions. As the event concluded, it was evident that the industry’s focus on innovation, collaboration, and sustainability will continue to drive the automotive sector forward into a greener and more dynamic future.

Additional Highlights from SLD 2023

In addition to the unveiling of the EMILY GT project, SLD 2023 featured a multitude of other significant developments and discussions that further underscored the dynamic nature of the automotive industry.

Sustainability and Economics at the Forefront of SLD2023 Agenda
Sustainability and Economics at the Forefront of SLD2023 Agenda

Sustainability and Economic Insights:

Annika Winsth, Nordea’s Chief Economist, offered valuable insights into economic challenges and the changing landscape. She emphasized that economic downturns can serve as opportunities for forward-thinking businesses and that adaptability is key in such times. Winsth also discussed the implications of international events, such as the conflict in Israel and the ongoing pandemic, on the global economy.

Panel Discussion: Financing the Green Transition

A panel discussion with Klas Magnusson, Jonas Olsson from SKF, and Peter Bryntesson, CEO of FKG, focused on the financing of the green transition. While it was acknowledged that adaptation was a natural process for the industry, the challenge lay in navigating the right direction. The panel also discussed the importance of financing sustainability initiatives and how companies unprepared to adapt would face difficulties in securing funding.

FKG’s Climate Data Sheet

The event showcased FKG’s initiative to develop a climate data sheet for its members, enabling them to report the environmental impact of their products accurately. This will play a pivotal role in helping suppliers integrate sustainability into their operations and fulfill environmental reporting requirements.

Swedish Näringsliv’s Economic Outlook

Alexandra Leonhard, economist and analyst from Swedish Näringsliv, provided a comprehensive overview of the current economic situation. She highlighted the significance of the manufacturing industry to the economy and discussed the challenges of dwindling investment willingness. Leonhard also emphasized the importance of a consistent and long-term energy policy in Sweden.

Future Sustainability Commitments

Andrea Fuder, CPO of Volvo Group, outlined the company’s commitment to sustainability, including efforts within UN’s Scope 1-2-3, ESG, and the EU’s Net-Zero goals. She emphasized the need for close collaboration between buyers and suppliers, with partnerships emerging as a new form of leadership in the industry.

In summary, SLD 2023

SLD 2023 offered a wealth of insights, discussions, and commitments, underlining the automotive industry’s dedication to sustainability, innovation, and adaptability. As the sector continues to evolve, it remains committed to driving positive change and shaping a greener and more sustainable future. The presentation of the EMILY GT project, as well as the broader discussions, showcased the industry’s determination to meet the challenges of the future head-on.

The EMILY GT project embodies NEVS’ commitment to sustainable mobility, and its introduction at SLD 2023 marked a significant step in the revival of Saab’s legacy in the electric vehicle era.

SLD 2023 served as a platform for the automotive industry to explore sustainability, economic challenges, and the transition to a greener future. The unveiling of the EMILY GT project by NEVS was a defining moment, emphasizing the industry’s dedication to innovation and environmental responsibility. As the automotive sector adapts to global economic fluctuations, collaboration with suppliers remains essential to drive positive change and secure a prosperous future.


  • I guess there is still a question mark over battery electric vehicles as the main transport for the future.
    Slowing sales in the USA will lead the major manufacturers to revisit the financial equation.
    Personally I thing it will be a combination of powerplants depending on the application.

  • I have Saabs three Saab converts…this last one is a fun and fast Saab..but wondering is the Saab leftovers in the ceo dept. will give a big boost to getting this marvelous vehicle to us…we loved to see it here for sale…,, Bruce d.

  • The whole reason Saab went bust was they couldn’t let go of the Saab base design, and here we go again the Emily is just another Saab 93 with rounded corners a few more led lights and an electric motor. I live 10 minutes from Nevs and until everyone that has ever had anything to do with Saab who works there is gone things won’t change you’ll keep spending too much on reserch and development and not enough in a new car designe. make your cars so that looks nothing like a Saab 93.

    • Your argument that Saab failed because of its design is false. Saab at the time of closing had the 2nd highest owner loyalty in the world. It failed due to GM and it’s bad business practices. Same reason Pontiac and Holden failed. GM rather keep Buick over Saab another mistake on their part. They could have elevated Saab as their premium European brand. Now they have nothing.

  • The look of a Saab 9-3, 9-5 and the older 9000 and 900 is the reason while many would drive a saab. The Emily is the future for Saab-Enthusiasts of driving a new electric car. My opinion.

  • Back in the day, Saab was unique in that they dared to come up with a “different” body. They stood out from the rest of the cars on the market. None of the designs included were copied from other car brands. And then you could see that the design had heritage from the old Saab airplane..
    I don’t even know why this is on this group 🤷‍♂️

  • I’m surprised at the hate this thing gets. They aren’t pretending it’s a saab… saab automobiles is dead (for now at least) so you really have one option: take it for what it is – a new car with some saab heritage in its bones (like many many many other cars on the road, actually).

  • If this is a product worth speaking of – why is it that no one speaks of the product. Just a lot of hot air and no actual into on the hardware…

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