NEVS presents InMotion Concept at CES Asia

NEVS reveals the InMotion conceptNEVS reveals the InMotion concept @CESasia, a fully autonomous mobility concept for the future with a focus on the individual needs!

At the technology show CES Asia in Shanghai, NEVS displays the new InMotion Concept for the very first time.

This is not a normal car – it´s a vision on how we in the future can travel safe and efficiently through a big city, without owning the car – and without a driver.

All the flexible high tech features in the InMotion Concept makes this journey a very pleasant one, no matter if you are working, resting or going with your friends.

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NEVS InMotion Concept
NEVS InMotion Concept

The NEVS InMotion concept has been created as a vision for level 5 autonomous vehicle, where the interior will be adapted for what the passengers need it for. Flexibility is a key word for InMotion.

The flexible interior makes it possible for everyone to use InMotion according to the current needs. Whether you are going to work, are having a business meeting or just socializing with friends or family. This is a vehicle with many different ways of usage.

What differentiates InMotion from other mass transport solutions is that it´s always individually adapted. InMotion means comfort in a personal environment.

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Upon arrival, InMotion will welcome the customer and prepare the interior space according to the personal needs. Occupants only enter and exit the vehicle from the side of the curb to increase safety.

Extending the personalization experience InMotion provides seamless continuity from the previous ride, should the users wish. Or, how about the possibility to set the ambiance on the fly via an App.

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NEVS INMotion Concpet at CES Asia
NEVS’ Chairman Kai Johan Jiang and Global CEO Stefan Tilk just revealed the InMotion concept at CES Asia in Shanghai.

By using a mobile App to control InMotion functionality, the interior space is left uncluttered. Occupants access the App to control seat movements, Lighting Ambiance, Environment.

“This design is starting from an interior perspective, with the intention of showing how people can add quality to their lives by filling the time of travelling with value, and not wasting it by being stuck behind the wheel, sometimes for hours just to get across the downtown areas. This is why we are displaying this flexible and very user friendly concept. This is unique compared to others”, says Jonas Hernqvist, Vice President of Sales & Marking at NEVS.

You’ve waited so long, and finally here it is: their new InMotion concept. NEVS designers John, Stephanie and Ernst explain the ideas behind the concept made for you and your individual needs. Whether you want to use it for work, to socialize or just relax, the InMotion concept provides you with more opportunities to a higher quality of life — for you and your city, in motion:

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FACTS  about Opportunities InMotion

You can use NEVS InMotion to reduce congestion:

  • * Effective use of shared mobility in conjunction with interconnected autonomous transport systems means more time for family, friends, leisure and work.
  • More effective mobility solutions means reduced number of cars and parking spaces – more space green areas and human-centric city development.

You can use NEVS InMotion to reduce pollution:

  • Effective use of electric cars means that we in the long run can spend time  outside without worrying about your health.
  • Intelligent mobility systems contributing to integrated sustainable city means less pollution, better health and safer roads

You can use NEVS InMotion to provide convenience:

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  • The users will have a flexible access to a car, without car ownership- That  means the best type of vehicle for your different needs on-demand and go anywhere, anytime.
  • Flexible user space means you have the opportunity to relax, create, or socialise in your own personalised environment depending on your current needs.

Features and functions:

  • Designed to showcase personalised mobility solutions
  • Large curb side door for safe convenience
  • Adaptive interior space providing a flexible environment
    • o   Set to user preferences on approach
    • o   Clean, uncluttered and durable, yet personal design theme
    • o   Configurable seating 3 Modes
      • §  Private
      • §  Social
      • §  Meeting
    • o   User customisable Lighting
    • o   Individual Climate control
    • o   Durable yet comfortable reclining seats
  • Wireless technologies
    • o   Wireless Charging
    • o   In Motion function control from personal device
  • NEVS InMotion App provides users with a single seamless intuitive interface.

NEVS about InMotion Concept:

The InMotion concept is a future concept with cues that we want to stress, such as the autonomous drive and also the importance of addressing the issues of pollution, congestion and getting from A to B in a smooth and personalized way. The InMotion concept has see through glass and a wide door opening all for the user’s convenience

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