NEVS plans to build second EV factory in China

NEVS 9-3 front-end

NEVS main owner Kai Johan Jiang is interviewed by Swedish Radio at his office in Beijing about the plans to build a second electric vehicle factory in China.

According to the words of the first man of the NEVS coompany, NEVS will build a second car factory in China and the factory will be built in Shanghai.

The construction of the factory will cost 5 billion swedish kronor and will be able to produce 200 thousand vehicles per year – “That means extremely much. Shanghai is the most important electric car market and it is easier to recruit international talented engineers there” -he told the Swedish journalist.

NEVS 9-3 rear end

Also he adds this too – “The new factory , and the fact that the company has two Chinese car factories, will not, after all, reduce the chances of car manufacturing in Trollhättan!

He says that the plan is still manufacturing in Trollhättan: “Absolutely. It is not just our dream, but our plan and as soon as it goes. It is important that we produce cars in Trollhättan” – Kai said. But, on the other side, we have other news – 80 industrial robots from the old Saab factory in Trollhättan are auctioned?! Still, Nevs has not built a single sellable electric car after the purchase of Saab Automobile’s bankruptcy estate six years ago.

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