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NEVS-mobilityNEVS CEO Stefan Tilk on stage presenting NEVS vision in future mobility.

Car industry has been seen as the major cause of the pollution for decades. Must we compromise the convenience of personal transport to pursue sustainability? Is electric propulsion the only solution to reduce emission? What if one day our car will be part of the solution, not part of the problem?

The annual Stora Mobilitetsdagen, previously known as Stora Bildagen was held Tuesday December 10th in Stockholm with participants across industries, government, medias and academia. As one of the primary fora for both Swedish and international automotive industries, this year’s event again inspires engaging discussions on future mobility.

There has been a shared vision that the effort to achieve sustainability shouldn’t stop at electrification, but also look into battery recycling, child labor issues in the raw material supply chain, and how we integrate the vehicle into an ecosystem to optimize energy consumption. Cars can do more and will become part of the solution to emissions and congestions.

NEVS CEO Stefan Tilk introduced NEVS vision in future mobility as one of the keynote speakers on stage.

“We need a systematic change towards the negative environmental impact made”, Stef Stefan Tilk  an said.

“The solution towards future mobility will go beyond ICE-vehicles – Self-driving vehicles and the mobility service will be key components of NEVS future offering.”

There are more than one billion passenger vehicles in use today, which contribute to more than half of the carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides emitted into our air. Thanks to the spreading popularity of electric propulsions, there is now a clean transport choice of zero emission without compromising privacy and comfort. Did you know that a battery electric vehicle has also fewer moving parts than a conventional car so there is much lower maintenance cost?

NEVS City InMotion

Only pay for what you have used

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) brings different type of transport together into a simple intuitive APP. It offers a combination of travelling options and handle everything from planning to payments all at once. Pay on demand or pay by monthly subscription, your choice! MaaS will become an attractive alternative for car ownership – of which the actual use is only 3-5% of time in a day!

Freedom during the car-ride

Self-driving cars have shown us the possibilities to add quality to our lives by filling the time of travelling with value, not wasting it by being stuck behind the wheel. On 2017 CES Shanghai, NEVS launched InMotion concept to demonstrate the idea of a self-driving vehicle, easy to adapt for different kind of users, business, private traveler, friends etc.

The successful adoption of new technologies requires significant action and co-creation. NEVS CEO Stefan Tilk presednted their road-map towards future mobility at Stora Mobilitetsdagen in Stockholm.


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