NEVS just started production of electric NEVS 9-3s in China!

Image courtesy of NEVS Press KitImage courtesy of NEVS Press Kit

What a fantastic day! The first NEVS 9-3 EVs have rolled off the production line in NEVS new factory in China. Today we had the opening ceremony in NEVS Tianjin factory. The first NEVS 9-3 rolled off a brand new Tianjin plant in China today, marking an important step in NEVS’s plan to become a leading provider of sustainable mobility services.

On December 5, 2017, as the NEVS 9-3 electric rolls off the production line, NEVS Tianjin project kicks off production, marking a new stage moving from development into industrialization. This is an important milestone in implementing the NEVS vision to shape mobility for a more sustainable future and the start to delivery of EVs to their partners.

New NEVS 9-3

NEVS Tianjin Project Kicks off Production

The installed annual product capacity is 50,000 electric vehicles in Phase I of the Project, and 220,000 is the plan for phase II.

NEVS are working with 3 generations of EVs with innovation and development centers in both China and Sweden. The second and third generation will be developed in close co-operation with DiDi.

NEVS 9-3 front-end

As the automobile industry is quickly changing, not only from conventional cars to EVs, but also into vehicles without a driver and serving new business models where our customers want to use the car but not own it.

NEVS 9-3 Presentation
NEVS 9-3 Presentation

NEVS Chairman Kai Johan Jiang has been the architect behind the new partnership with DiDi and Global Energy Interconnection that gradually grows into the world’s biggest NEV service platform and functions to promote changes in green mobility pattern.

NEVS 9-3 rear end

As the world’s leading one-stop diversified mobility platform, DiDi predicts there will be 1 million electric cars running on its platform by 2020. As a major partner, NEVS will provide DiDi with cost-effective high-end EVs. Meanwhile, NEVS and DiDi will carry out in-depth technological cooperation on Autonomous Driving.

NEVS 9-3 introduction

Furthermore, DiDi, GEICO (Global Energy Interconnectivity Corporation) and NEVS have initiated a Joint Venture called GNEVS (Global New Energy Vehicle Service Company) who will provide services and infrastructure to the increasing  Mobility on Demand Electric Vehicles.

This structure will facilitate the infrastructure and service for our EV customers and provide customer value to the mobility on demand Providers and Users, as well as for the city planners.

NEVS 9-3 Interior


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