Nevs gets new Asian owners?!

Nevs gets new Asian owners?!

Nevs looks to get a new owner. Nevs has signed an agreement with an Asian vehicle manufacturers, but which company it wants Nevs still can not tell (Mahinda-Dongfeng).

The new owner will also finance the operation going forward.

The company has signed a letter of intent with the vehicle manufacturer that the company should go in as a new principal owner of Nevs.

Mattias Bergman– It’s good premise to get a deal with the vehicle manufacturer”, he says to P4 West.

Nevs, who want to develop and build electric Saabs, come on financially insolvent in the spring. Shortly thereafter, negotiations began with two great Asian vehicle manufacturers, who are interested in investing in Nevs. According to unconfirmed reports, these are like Chinese Dongfeng and Indian Mahindra.

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