NEVS employs 20 new experts


Happy New Year from NEVS – 2019 is at the front door and NEVS kick it off with new opportunities. Do you want to be part of NEVS journey to shape mobility for a more sustainable future? Are you interested in new technologies and innovations?

Here are the talents that we are looking for:

Job openingCityApplication deadline
Lead Engineer Wiring Diagram – 17349Trollhättan13.Jan.2019
Lead Engineer Electrical Fault Tracing – 17346Trollhättan13.Jan.2019
Attribute Manager PLMR – 17347Trollhättan13.Jan.2019
Diagnostic System Developer – 17348Trollhättan13.Jan.2019
Visualization/Animation Artist – 19001Trollhättan17.Jan.2019
OS/MW Engineer – 119006Trollhättan21.Jan.2019
Functional Safety Manager – 119007Trollhättan21.Jan.2019
Cyber Security Manager – 119008Trollhättan21.Jan.2019
Vehicle SW Systems Architect – 119009Trollhättan21.Jan.2019
Embedded Software Developers – 119002Trollhättan21.Jan.2019
Infotainment, HMI and App Software Developers – 119004Trollhättan21.Jan.2019
Vehicle System & Simulation Engineer – 17219Trollhättan21.Jan.2019
SW/Control System Test Coordinator – 17345Trollhättan21.Jan.2019
SW/Control System Test Engineer – 17092Trollhättan21.Jan.2019
Vehicle Motion Control Developers – 119014Trollhättan21.Jan.2019
Autonomous Drive Experts – 119013Trollhättan21.Jan.2019
Embedded SW Developers for Integrated Vehicle Motion SW – 119015Trollhättan21.Jan.2019
Predictive Maintenance Experts – 119016Trollhättan21.Jan.2019
Embedded SW Developers for Thermal and Climate control – 119017Trollhättan21.Jan.2019
Autonomous Drive Strategist – 19000Trollhättan13.Feb.2019

As you can see in the table, all jobs are located in Trollhattan, So if you meet the requirements and have the appropriate expertise, in the new year you can move to Sweden and help in the realization of dreams.

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