NEVS Emily GT to Rise from the Ashes of Saab: A Triumph of Hope and Resilience!

Saab Revived: NEVS Emily GT - A Triumph of Dreams and Determination in Trollhättan

Saab resurrects!

In a stunning turn of events, the legendary NEVS Emily GT prototype, long considered a symbol of hope for Saab enthusiasts, is set to become a reality. The news, confirmed by Alrik Söderlind, the chief editor of the Swedish edition of “Auto, motor und sport,” has sparked immense joy and excitement among Saab enthusiasts, and all those who have tirelessly supported the dream of Saab’s resurgence.

The vision of an electric Saab vehicle finally materializing in the hometown of Saab, Trollhättan, is a testament to the power of determination and the cosmic justice that rewards those who never stop believing.

The Journey of NEVS Emily GT

The NEVS Emily GT project, a practical future for Saab automobiles, has faced numerous challenges since the acquisition of Saab’s remnants by NEVS. Despite several attempts, nothing came to fruition until now, making the announcement all the more remarkable. The intense passion and dedication of Saab enthusiasts worldwide have played a significant role in keeping the dream alive, and their unwavering support has finally paid off.

The NEVS Emily GT, according to Top Gear's Tom Ford, feels like a normal electric super saloon with fast acceleration, precise steering, and impressive handling capabilities, making it a truly remarkable driving experience.
The NEVS Emily GT, according to Top Gear’s Tom Ford, feels like a normal electric super saloon with fast acceleration, precise steering, and impressive handling capabilities, making it a truly remarkable driving experience.

The Secret Investor and the Deal

After three months of intense speculation and interest from various parties, a secret investor has signed a letter of intent to acquire both the Emily and Pons projects. This pivotal agreement ensures that both projects will continue to thrive in Trollhättan, developed by the talented Nevs/ex-Saab team and manufactured locally. The insistence on production in Trollhättan was crucial to securing the deal, as the ingenuity and commitment of the local community embody the spirit of Saab and Nevs.

The Challenge of Naming the Rebirth

With the deal nearing finalization, the focus now shifts to the new brand name and model designation. While Saab would undoubtedly be the dream name, there are concerns about potential conflicts with military associations. However, it is imperative that the name resonates with the essence of Saab and retains a distinctive Swedish charm.

The potential revival of the Emily GT project could see production starting at the historic Saab factory.
The potential revival of the Emily GT project could see production starting at the historic Saab factory.

The author suggests some possible names, including Sonett, Gripen, and the unconventional yet compelling “Saablar,” a positive, empowering expression that encapsulates the very spirit of the Emily project. Another candidate, “Anamma,” symbolizes the epitome of determination and the driving force behind the Saab legacy.

The World’s First Car Brand with an Explosive Name

Embracing the new name “Saablar Anamma” or “Anamma,” this venture could mark a historic milestone as the world’s first car brand with an empowering “kraftuttryck” (powerful expression) as its name. The term embodies the essence of the Emily project and the unyielding determination that led to its realization.

Looking Forward to August

As the agreement’s finalization approaches, all details surrounding the new brand and model will soon be revealed. Until then, the Saab community and all optimistic supporters should bask in the joy and excitement of this triumphant news.

The revival of Saab, through the NEVS Emily GT, serves as a heartwarming reminder that dreams can become reality with relentless perseverance and hope.

NEVS Emily GT at Trollhattan test track
NEVS Emily GT at Trollhattan test track

Hollywood or bust…

The resurrection of the NEVS Emily GT marks a remarkable moment in automotive history, celebrating the indomitable spirit of Saab and its global community. The long-awaited realization of this project represents a triumph of hope, resilience, and cosmic justice.

The NEVS Emily GT, or “Saablar Anamma,” is set to drive forward the legacy of Saab, touching the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide and reminding us all that dreams do come true with unwavering determination. As the finalization date in August draws near, the world eagerly awaits the birth of the NEVS Emily GT, a symbol of hope and inspiration for generations to come.


  • Sonett or Gripen sound the best out of the choices, the rest are horrible….simply horrible for international appeal!!!
    I like my names better. It’s not good to start of with a bad NEVS, as a pronounced word sounds bad or even SAAB like the English sound of sob, to cry…a sob story…not positive, though I do like the acronym behind it.

    Chosing a good positive name is important.
    Even the mythical Griffin logo might beable to be used?…or maybe not if it’s locked in for SAAB defense.

  • The Griffin is used by Scania trucks. And depending on who is the investor I’m sure it might be unlocked. Even the rights to use the old brand name.
    This would be our fifth Saab, and very ready to adopt one

  • ESAAB gets the message across without using Saab trademark names.
    I think people are missing the potential impact of effective hub motor system that is light compact simple can be designed fit on new or retrofit vehicles. No transmission, differential, drive shafts taking up space adding weight complexity inefficiencies. Remove engine, transaxle, etc radiator, cooling system, exhaust, gas tank and fuel system.
    This repeats Saab auto beginning when Saab workers, designers and engineers created a new business to supplement aircraft for world without wars. 1950 built car with features every major auto manufacturer would adopt to produce Saab efficient, aerodynamic, functional vehicles. Reinforced Unibody with crush zones, FRONT WHEEL DRIVE, seat belts, safety head rests, pioneer fuel injection, TURBO boosted small engine, convenient pockets bins and other storage. Fold down front and back seats coup, Hatchbacks, wagons extremly convenient and enormous storage room.
    Produce 100s of ESAAB EMILY NOW! Make thousands of kits for retrofits. I have two 2001 93 Hatchbacks, and two 2006 93 aero wagons waiting for ev drives. Integrating electric motors with existing drive has always been the problem.

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