Nevs-Dongfeng Deal in Media Reports

Yesterday’s news of a strategic partnership between the Nevs and Dongfeng again in the focus of interest of world automotive media brought Nevs-SAAB.

Most Media analyzes achievements of this strategic partnership, and trying to determine the future of the Swedish car manufacturer.

nevs dongfeng cooperation

In addition, here are some interesting excerpts from the media:

  • Dongfeng to jointly develop green cars with Saab owner – Xinhua
    Reuters – ‎Aug 17, 2015‎
    BEIJING Aug 17 Chinese automakers Dongfeng Motor Group Co Ltd and National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), which bought bankrupt carmaker Saab in 2012, signed an agreement Monday to jointly develop green cars, the state-owned Xinhua news …
  • Saab owner has another go at developing green autos
    INAUTONEWS – Aug 18, 2015‎
    The Swedish automaker’s recent history could be the subject of a well-written and fast-paced book detailing the economic trials and tribulations of a brand that was valued across the globe once. Now the bankrupt marquee is owned by the National
  • Dongfeng, Saab parent company to develop new-energy cars
    WantChinaTimes – Aug 18, 2015‎
    A Dongfeng Citroen car at an international auto show in Shanghai, April 25, 2004. (File photo/CNS). Chinese automaker Dongfeng Motor on Monday entered into a deal with the owner of Swedish auto brand Saab to develop new-energy vehicles. Dongfeng …
  • National Electric Vehicle Sweden and Dongfeng sign agreement to hopefully save …
    eGMCarTech – ‎Aug 18, 2015‎
    If you’ve been wondering what’s been happening with Saab’s car division, so have we. Over the past several years, ever since Saab was liquidated from General Motors, the company went bankrupt, again, after being resuscitated by Sweden’s own National …
  • Saab signs electric vehicle deal with leading Chinese car maker
    Click Green – ‎Aug 17, 2015‎
    The company that bought bankrupt car maker Saab has signed an agreement with one of China’s leading car makers to jointly develop green cars. National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (Nevs) and Dongfeng Motor Corporation signed a strategic cooperation …
  • Saab Parent NEVS Forms Alliance With China’s Dongfeng
    Motor Authority – ‎Aug 17, 2015‎
    Back in May, Saab parent company National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) was thrown a lifeline by the Chinese government when two state-owned entities signed an agreement with the struggling firm for future collaboration in the area of R&D. Now it’s …
  • China’s state-owned Dongfeng to cooperate with Saab owner
    Europe Online Magazine – ‎Aug 17, 2015‎
    Stockholm (dpa) – The owners of struggling carmaker Saab said Monday they have agreed to cooperate with a Chinese state-owned vehicle group to develop new electric-powered vehicles. Chinese-backed consortium National Electric Vehicle Sweden …
  • NEVS inks synergy deal with Dongfeng (registration) – ‎Aug 17, 2015‎
    National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) and Dongfeng (DFM) have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to achieve what they refer to as global industrial synergies. NEVS started working with Dongfeng on complete vehicle development projects last …
  • Nowe perspektywy przed Saabem?
    ‎Aug 18, 2015‎
    Chiński Dongfeng Motor i National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), który od 2012 roku jest właścicielem Saab Automobile, podpisały właśnie porozumienie o partnerstwie strategicznym.

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