NEVS, DiDi and several other automobile industry partners launch alliance to build “integrated car operator platform”

Nevs and Didi management

NEVS, DiDi and several other companies from the automotive industry met up in Beijing on 24th April. They collectively founded the “D-Alliance”. The alliance will build up a new ecosystem of automotive operations, promote car sharing and drive forward the transformation of automotive industry towards smart mobility and new energy together.

NEVS’s chairman Kai Johan Jiang and CEO Stefan Tilk participated in the conference. This is another concrete step by NEVS and DiDi to move forward the development of new energy car sharing ecosystem together, since the cooperation agreement was signed in October 2017, in the presence of the Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven.


D-Alliance will become a provider of integrated transportation services combining auto leasing and sales, auto finance, auto service, fleet operation and car-sharing solutions in China and beyond.

NEVS' founder Kai Johan Jiang
NEVS’ founder Kai Johan Jiang

The Alliance will work with EV partners to promote the adoption of new energy vehicles into the shared transportation scenario. NEVS as an important player in the alliance will drive towards the realization of smart mobility together with all partners.

Kai Johan Jiang, chairman of NEVS, said: “New energy, intelligence and sharing are the trends for future mobility. NEVS is dedicated to shape mobility for a more sustainable future”.