NEVS is actively involved in the fight against the Coronavirus!

Ingrid Svensson, Health and Safety Manager at NEVS, providing protection material to the health authorities.Ingrid Svensson, Health and Safety Manager at NEVS, providing protection material to the health authorities.

The Swedish healthcare is, due to Covid-19, lacking protection material for their employees. Employees at NEVS are happy to be able to provide the local health authorities in Trollhättan with important protection material needed.

NEVS 3D printers now produce protective equipment from Coronavirus

At NEVS, the Concept and Prototype department within the Engineering Operation Tribe has acted and are now producing protection material in their 3D printers.

“Instead of downtime in our manufacturing of parts to our projects we now have the possibility to help in a very extraordinary situation” says Håkan N Larsson Chapter Leader Concept and Prototype.

The 3D-printed protection material will be handed over to the local health authorities starting this week.

NEWS assists local Trollhättan hospitals with protective equipment

In addition to that, last Friday employees from NEVS brought a number of boxes with 360 masks to the local hospital (NÄL). NEVS management team believes this equipment does more good at NÄL than being stored at NEVS. (Anyhow, not all masks were sent away).

This week, there will be another transport, to Västra Götalands Region from NEVS. It´s about 2 500 masks, mouth protection, to prevent from droplet infection.

Earlier this spring, NEVS in Trollhättan submitted deliveries to China where there was severe shortage of protection material against the coronavirus. Now, our owner Evergrande has shown a similar interest in helping Sweden with the same kind of deliveries, in the other direction.

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