NEVS asks: What’s your SAAB story?

my Saab storymy Saab story

NEVS company is on its Official Instagram profile issued a public invitation addressed to all fans of Saab cars –  the question is: What’s your SAAB story? Each and every Saab is associated with individual experiences and has its own story.

So many great stories. We want to know your Saab story.

A sense of belongingness to a community – a Saab family.


In the stories told by Saab owners – that’s where the true values can be found. In the experiences, far beyond any specifications or attributes, Even though they once changed the car industry forever.

Nevs/Saab want to know your Saab story and what Saab means to you.

Please share your Saba story with Saab Family, Email your story to:
[email protected]