NEVS Appoints Nina Selander as New CEO

Nina Selander,-New CEO at NEVSNina Selander,-New CEO at NEVS

National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), a global electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, recently appointed a new CEO, Nina Selander. Selander’s appointment comes after the departure of former CEO Stefan Tilk, who was reportedly fired by the board of directors, As the Swedish Radio P4 reports.

Nina Selander, former head of HR at Nevs, takes over the role of CEO at Nevs, And for Swedish Radio she stated: “Nevs will never give up,” says Nina Selander, who does not want to say anything about when it might be ready with new owners for the electric car manufacturer.

Opposite this decision is the former CEO Stefan Tilk who discovered why he had to leave the forehead of the company: – “I made decisions that the owners apparently didn’t like“, says Stefan Tilk about why he had to leave. Tilk had been the CEO of NEVS since 2018, but was reportedly let go due to disagreements with the company’s board of directors.

Selander, who was previously the Chief Human Resources Officer and Deputy CEO at NEVS, will now take over as CEO. She brings extensive experience in the automotive industry and a focus on sustainability and innovation to her new role.

In a statement to TTELA, Selander expressed her excitement about the opportunity to lead NEVS and continue the company’s mission of developing sustainable mobility solutions. She emphasized the importance of collaboration and innovation in achieving this goal, stating that NEVS will continue to invest in research and development to improve the efficiency and performance of its EVs.

On the other hand, there is additional concerns about this decision in the local community. Peter Eriksson, the municipal councilor of Trollhättan, was surprised by the announcement that Nina Selander would be taking over as CEO of NEVS, following the departure of former CEO Stefan Tilk.

Eriksson’s reaction is not unexpected, given that changes in leadership at major companies can have significant impacts on local communities and economies. NEVS is a major employer in Trollhättan, and any changes to the company’s operations or leadership can have ripple effects throughout the region.

As municipal councilor, Eriksson will likely be closely involved in discussions with NEVS regarding the company’s plans for the future and its impact on the local community.

According to the LinkedIn article, Selander was named “Leader of the Year 2020” by NEVS Employees. Selander’s recognition as “Leader of the Year 2020” is a testament to her leadership skills and the positive impact she has had on NEVS and the broader automotive industry.

Nina Selander believes in the company’s future in a tough industry. Overall, the reaction to Selander’s appointment as CEO of NEVS has been mixed, with some expressing surprise or uncertainty about the future of the company under her leadership. However, as Selander takes on her new role, her experience and vision for sustainability and innovation will be critical in guiding NEVS through an increasingly competitive and rapidly evolving automotive industry.

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  • Sterkte Madam Selander, om dit draaiende te houden vind het een geweldig merk, helaas heeft de samenwerking met de Amerikanen/ China niet gebracht wat was gehoopt. Amerika sloopt iedere economie, nu is Europa het slachtoffer vooral de Navo is het varken dat mee doet. Kijk wat er in Rusland voor belangstelling is, geeft meer dan de VS om goede industie.

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