NEVS announced a plan to finish assembling 100 Saab 9-3 cars!

Saab 9-3 EV NEVS

NEVS said Thursday they plan to finish assembling 100 SAAB 9-3 cars that have sat idle on the production line of a Swedish plant since May.

National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) also said that they will apply for an extension of their current bankruptcy protections, which ends March 2.

NEVS said the extension will give them more time for talks with an unnamed Asian carmaker (Mahindra) that is interested in becoming the new majority owner.

“Even if we complete the talks during this period, we have to get out of the reorganization. That means settling with all suppliers,” NEVS chief executive Mattias Bergman told Swedish Radio news. “We think this will take time and therefore we will ask for more time,” he said.

About 100 cars were in production at the Trollhattan plant when assembly lines fell silent in May. Bergman said NEVS has been able to pay salaries and taxes for February with funding from the current owners.

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