New NEVS 9-3 Will Be Unveiled On June 7 at the CES Asia


According to media reports from China, NEVS plans to officially present the new electric car NEVS 9-3 EV designed for the Chinese market on June 7 at the CES Asia (June 7-9, 2017) in Shanghai.

Of course, Nevs’s first electric car is based on old Saab 9-3 platform and accordin to the latest spy shots show that NEVS 9-3 didn’t change much to the original Saab 9-3 and NEVS 9-3 prototype design.

New NEVS car will be equipped with a all-electric system, EV car can run more than 300km (186 mi) on a single charge, and the maximum speed is 140km/h. According to previously published data, the dimension of the new car are 4668/1802 / 1470 mm, wheelbase 2675mm, vehicle quality 1800kg.

New NEVS 9-3 EV from China
New NEVS 9-3 EV from China

To remind you, NEVS acquired the core assets of the original Saab car in September 2012, including: Saab Motor Co., Ltd., Saab Automotive R & D Center, Saab Powertrain Co., Ltd., Saab Real Estate Limited, as well as Saab new 9-3 platform and Phoenix platform all intellectual property rights.

NEVS logo presentation
NEVS logo presentation


  • My MY03 9-3 was offloaded sadly for just £700. A great car with 101k (miles). I’m waiting for a ‘new’ Saab leccy/petrol! Else £700 and a private plate or I run my 9-5 Aero to 500k. I hope they don’t toss a 14yo car on western markets however nice they still are.

    Where are you Volvo, VW, BMW or better – a sub brand for Mercedes that will work???

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