Saab History

Mr. Saab from Saab Car Museum

Saab Car Museum

A completely unique era in Sweden’s industrial history has been marked by Saab Automobile AB.

A lot of myths thrive around the cars and the legendary people who built and drove them.  People make a brand, not vice versa, and Peter is one of those people – Peter Bäckström, intendent at the Saab Car MuseumOrio AB launches a video series that will feature the history of Saab – Cars and people.

Peter Bäckström, Saab Car Museum

In the first episode of this series, reporter Patrik Malmer Leads us to the Trollhatten, in Saab Cars Museum   where the audience will meet the head of the Museum – Peter Bäckström.

The video is recorded in Swedish, so click CC to translate into your language:

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