Mr Saab / Erik Carlsson Memorial Service

Erik Carlsson Memorial ServiceErik Carlsson Memorial Service

Erik Carlsson Memorial Service – 20th June 2015 – Some highlights of the day celebrating the life of the man affectionately known as Mr Saab

A Service of Celebration and Thanksgiving for the Life of Erik Hilding Carlsson, Mr SAAB:

Hello every one , thank you so very much for your lovely words , messages and stories, I really appreciate them!

I have now got official news that we can go ahead with the Celebration of Dad’s life!!  We are holding a Memorial Service at 3pm in ‘The Church of St Mary the Virgin in Eaton Bray (LU62DP) on the Saturday 20th June, and then a meeting of “Friends” at our farm, New Cloud Farm ( we have white painted stones outside the farm gates and we are down The Rye. Keep going you can’t miss us in a proper Swedish style yellow painted wood house!) which is 1/2 a mile from the church straight after.

Please let any one know who has enjoyed Dad’s company and charm over the years , because it is truly an open house / farm!

The only stipulation is please wear smart cheerful / bright clothes and (sorry boys) if the men are wearing shirts , please, please wear a TIE!!( One of Dad’s few bug bears- he was NOT impressed with Simon Cowells attire!). 

We look forward to hearing many stories please, it is a time for my daughter’s Christina and Zara to hear and see the other side of their Grand-Dad, the “True Raconteur!”

Many thanks again.


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  • Hello Fellow Smokers!
    I was hoping to meet Eric at Caldwell Park in July,It will have to be now in the Spiritual World (ref Swedenborg).
    My red bullnose is dismantled in the garage,for the replacement of perishables(like me at 80!).
    I do have a recently purchased addition-a black[not red unfortunately] 93 CARLSSON very new at under 20,00
    miles.I’m so lucky!Warm greetings to Erics family and fellow Saabers,an extra handshake to 9000 drivers,keep
    e’m on the road.
    John Burniston

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