Mr. Saab 900 Classic Video Story

Saab 900

In this case Mr. Saab is Jorrit Iepema, Graphic designer and online Marketer from Groningen Area, Netherlands. He’s a real lover of Saab cars, and since he handles graphics, video and video editing, it’s no wonder that he made such a great video dedicated to a classic Saab car – 900 Classic.

This short film is entitled “Mr. Saab” and has a special (Saab) aesthetic, also production quality is on another level especially for how small a channel this is. Of course, number of subscribers doesn’t mean anything, there can be more talented people than those who have millions of subscribers, followers. This video just points to that fact, and the need for us to have a little more exploration of the artistic and enthusiastic wealth that lies on Youtube channels:

This is Perfection described in a video, it gives us the chills thinking about owning an Saab 900 and also one so stunningly gorgeous. Great attentions to details, the choice of music enhances the atmosphere, we love the cinematography in combination with the music and the car. The Short movie ending is especially interesting – the camera follows the car from the driver in the background, and when the curtain falls – they go somewhere in eternity…

Gorgeous car, fantastic editing. This is just such a nice video!