Most expensive SAAB ever – Saab 96 Hot Rod Art Car worth $1.2 million

Hyper-Realist Artist Steven Vaughan created his visually stunning ArtRod 001, a 1970 Saab 96 he painted and modified in this cross between a Hot Rod and Art Car!

A one of a kind, moveable work of art, the car is a vintage Saab that is modified and hand painted. The 13 month labor intensive project is where a traditional painter had to overcome the way he would traditionally paint and adjust to painting on an automobile with its curves and lines running in every direction you can think of. It was a learning experience that traditional paints don’t work well with an automotive body and he had to make adjustments into the medium used to paint the vehicle with.


The work was done on a modified Saab body with fins and yes, it’s street legal if you dare take a $1.2 million work of art out on the streets.

artrod artrod2 artrod3

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