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Modified Saab 900NG Viggen Pack (387hp)

Saab 900ng

Plenty of car owners enjoy the thrill of driving a fast car, but some of them enjoy the process of drawing out the hidden potential of cars to create their own speed monsters. One of them is Rafał Wesołowski from Poland, owner of a superb Saab 900NG car.

He bought this car in 2015, it is 1998  Saab 900NG Coupe with B204 engine. The original Plan for this project car was to reach the designed power of 400 hp, and as you can see, he approached his goal. According to him, the car on the dynamometer achieves almost 400hp, or precisely 387hp and 464nm of torque.

B204 modified

He started working on the car in 2016, and by the end of that year all engine modifications were completed. Next year, in 2017 the car got a new color, and the final works were done this year when new wheels were added and new brakes. After that, the addition of the BSR exhaust system followed and the computer was remapped. The execution of the whole car was spotless, from the custom overfenders to the carbon fiber accents, the paint and the way it was all screwed together.

Saab 900NG

For those who like the details, here’s a short list of changes: Engine B204 Header B205 ported, B204 camshaft, Balance camshaft removed, Kingrace bearings, Turbo T3/T4, custom exhaust manfold, fmic 600x300x76, Maptun intake pipe, 3-inch exhaust, bov Tial, turbo intake 3,5inch, injectors Bosch 630cc, gearbox Saab 4,05, Sachs clutch, springs Eibach -35mm + Bilstein B6, Epman 320 fuel pump, Japan Racing JR5 rims, Tires – Bridgestone Potenza RE070…

Below, in a few videos you can see how powerful this car is on the road:

Rafał has new plans for additional modifications: larger turbo Gt3071r, Quaife differential and a few more “little things”.

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