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Mini Saab 900 Turbo

Mini Saab 900Mini Saab 900

For those of you who not know Swedish, this below the video that this picture (above) is from.

There was a Swedish comedy group called Galenskaparna (crazymakers – freely translated) that was asked to do a commercial for the town of Trollhättan, well known by the Saab factory.

You can start at 6:35 if you only want to see the Saab part:

Actually called the Saab 006 (Saab Turbo 006 Convertible Junior) – kids car  which was offered for sale in 1986 with a very limited number available. Only 75 were built in Oy, Finland, in both coupe and convertible bodystyles, and they were offered through Saab dealers for $1,900.

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